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Lavender color

Bouquet de lavande

Photo : Steffen LIPP

Blue, violet, mauve, even lilac, Such are the colors of lavender and lavandin, the emblematic vegetal species growing in hills and plateaus from Valence to Gap, from Alès to the Gorges of Verdon and to the Vésubie River.

The tree lavenders

how to recognize them?



Lavande vraie

Hosted by the limestone mountains in the arid southern France.
Tufts of lavender are generally quite small.
Grows spontaneously from 600 to 1800 m altitude. (1900-5900 ft)
Fine fragrance.
Usage :
in fine perfumes and aromatherapy.
Also sold as dried bouquets and flowers.

Lavender honey

Miel de lavande

Lavender and bees

Throughout the flowering period, intense beehive activity begins before sunrise and does not stop until after sunset. An estimated hundred bees can be at work simultaneously on each lavender plant. This activity is due to the strong secretion of nectar and the concentration of beehives in the cultivated areas.


Recolte manuelle
* Source : "Lavandes et Lavandins",
Christiane Meunier, Editions Edisud, 1999
Photo : P.-F. Couderc for Clos d'Aguzon

Le matériel végétal :

Technical information

Fine Lavender
La lavande fine

Common names: fine lavender, population lavender, true lavender.

Botanical name : Lavandula angustifolia P. Miller,

Production and sustainable development

Pruduction et développement durable
Photo Steffen Lipp

Lavender growers and the Minister of Agriculture, Michel Barnier, signed a joint charter for sustainable development during the first “Planète Durable” (Sustainable De